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One of the most essential analyses that a webmaster can do to their website is measure the traffic going to their site.

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    Aside from the sales that you make online, the most important item of data that a webmaster can monitor is the traffic passing through your website. Your traffic tells you a lot about what you’re getting right with your SEO strategy, what you need to improve to convert more visitors into customers, and how you can best target different groups of consumers who you see as most important to your business and brand.

    It’s deeply important that you’re able to check your website traffic, live, and at all times. You need to know not only that base figure, but also the granular breakdown of your traffic. This will help you prioritize certain marketing and content strategies, while also understanding what search terms and links web users are using to find your website.

    Using a Traffic Tool

    In general, tools that help you assess your web traffic will be separated into two separate camps. The first helps you track your traffic on particular pages and is offered by an independent server. The second reads all of the logs on your own server — the one that you pay to host your website — and delivers you feedback on that data.

    Most websites actually come with a built-in traffic analysis tool; therefore, if you’ve used WordPress, Wix or GoDaddy, you’ll probably find that you’ve already got a decent tool in your backend that you will be able to peer into and analyze your traffic.

    If you don’t have this facility offered in your web editor mode, it’s very important that you find out why. The data is there, and it will be being collected: you just need to request access to it in order to build out your understanding of your traffic.

    What Traffic Data Tells You

    Your traffic can easily be broken down into a number of different data points. For instance, if you’re looking to understand not only who is coming to your website, but why they’re arriving on your home page, you’ll be able to track the web searches they’re making to understand intent. Here are some of the things good web traffic data presentation tools can show you:

    • The success or merits of your current or past marketing and advertising campaigns. This is because your traffic data is arranged over time.
    • The search terms and keywords used by consumers to get to your website from browsers like Google. This will help you see intent from your customers.
    • The click-through rates, time spent on screen, and other data to help you understand what different web users do when they arrive on your website.
    • Conversion rates: this is simply how many of those who visit your website end up trading with you. At all times, you’re trying to boost this figure as high as possible.

    As you’ll see, traffic isn’t just a simple figure that you’ll shout around the office to show how well you’re doing online: it’s a way of getting to know what web users are doing to get onto and shop in your website.

    How to Boost Relevant Traffic

    Some website traffic that you receive represents wasted traffic. Those people who click on your website but were actually looking for something completely different are very rarely going to purchase from your site. You need, instead, to garner the right attention, with the right traffic, to help you boost your sales.

    You’ll do this through savvy use of SEO techniques. Most particularly, you can boost your traffic, and the quality of it, by performing content marketing strategies that align your keywords with those words and phrases that consumers are most likely to use to find your website.

    Meanwhile, you’ll also use other SEO techniques in terms of content, page copy, and technical, backend infrastructure to ensure that your firm is always finishing high in Google’s search results. This helps drive traffic to your website for those web users who are actively looking for a business like yours.

    Working with Click Intelligence

    SEO, as you’ll know, is a multifaceted way of getting your business seen, appreciated, and traded with. It’s not just about throwing a few keywords into your marketing material: it’s a holistic way of creating sustainable and relevant traffic flows onto your website.

    Our experts are abreast of all it takes to boost your SEO and are here to help kickstart your ongoing SEO strategy today. Contact us to start building your traffic and help your company boost sales and profits in the future.

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