What is Moz?

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It doesn’t matter if you want to brush up on your SEO skills, master local search, or drive traffic to your website, Moz can be your helpful guide. While it is primarily a software-as-a-service company, it also offers expert guides to help you improve your marketing skills.

Those unfamiliar with Moz might be wondering how it can help their business grow. For this reason, you should learn more about what is Moz and how it works.

How Moz Works

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is easily one of the least understood and most complex aspects of marketing. Moz’s goal is, therefore, to simplify the process via software, education, and community support. It’s here you can learn and utilise white hat techniques and SEO tools, which can help your brand grow from strength to strength.

Do You Need Moz?

If you own a website and view search traffic as important, you almost certainly need to use Moz. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a business or developing a personal brand, Moz tools and tactics can help you to master the best SEO tactics to improve your inbound marketing strategy.

How to Use Moz

Moz Pro is the ultimate tool for avid marketers wanting to boost their ranking, drive quality traffic, and measure their results online. However, before you sign up, you should embark on a free 30-day trial to make an informed decision. You’ll have access to an all-in-one suite of the best SEO tools, which include:

  • Keyword Explorer

Discover how users are searching for your products and services. Identify the best keywords with accurate keyword volume, before integrating them into your content to drive traffic to your landing pages.

  • Rank Tracking

Accurately review how your site is ranking for your chosen keywords. You can also track your competitors’ keyword rankings, so you can replicate their online success to exceed them in the search engines.

  • Site Crawl

Find harmful, hidden problems affecting your website using a site crawler. After a thorough search, Mozcom will provide information on how to fix the issues. The automatic alerts will also ensure the webmaster is the first person to know once an issue has been found, so you can quickly make the necessary changes.

  • On-page Optimisation

The on-page optimisation tool will audit your web content before recommending various improvements. You can then focus your attention on the prioritised recommendations, so you can quickly improve your page optimisation.

  • Link Explorer

A solid backlink profile is crucial for SEO. Moz Pro’s Link Explorer tool can help you to discover new backlink opportunities while helping you to maximise the power of your existing links. You can also gain insight into your existing links using proprietary metrics, such as domain authority, page authority and spam score. Also, review your competitors’ backlink profile to prevent them from gaining a competitive edge.

  • Custom Reports

Increase productivity by scheduling recurring reports, which you can send directly to your clients and/or stakeholders, and can save your business a considerable amount of time. You can also create a compelling report using custom PDF reports with annotations and drag-and-drop modules.

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