What is the Optimum Amount of Clicks Before Conversions Begin

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Clicks mean many different things for businesses. They can mean consumers clicking on to your website, clicking through your pages, scrolling through a landing page, or clicking on a key piece of information, such as the subscribe or contact button. Clicks are the aim for businesses, in the same way, that conversion is the aim for landing pages. Yet the two need to go hand in hand.

When you are planning to convert clicks to sales, you first need to understand the number of clicks that are needed to optimize your conversion chances.

Why It Needs to Be More Than a Click

Your business needs clicks to convert more customers. However, simply driving mindless clicking is never the answer. You should not strive to trick customers through clickbait type content into clicking more and more. Clicks should always be worth your consumer’s time and effort and allow them to form a bond of trust with you; they need to know that their click is always worth it for a positive experience. Tricking your consumers for clicks will only convert to disgruntled people — and, therefore, a loss of a potential loyal customer.

With every click needs to come the intention of high engagement levels, too.

You First Need to Understand How Your Website is Interacted With

To push the all-important click to buy rate, you first need to analyze how precisely visitors interact with your website. Using analytics, you should look at your website visitors’ behavior, such as which pages are most often viewed, how viewers move through the website and the average number of clicks on a website.

Once you know the path each consumer takes through your website and what drives them to specific pages and any problems with navigation they may face — you can then improve that path for them and push clicks to customers.

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The Importance of Content

If you are considering how to get the right number of clicks and convert to key customers, then the content is everything. Your main goal is to provide relevant, informative, and entertaining content that will keep customers around, prevent them from clicking away, and instead encourage them to be clicking more and more on your page and your content.

Furthermore, content in itself should drive more clicks in the form of appealing advertisements or inclusions. This could be showing previews of articles that encourage clicks to read more, or links included in the content which can be clicked to be taken to further informative pages, such as on your website to encourage further positive browsing.

Content is always key.

Understand User Intent

To optimize your number of clicks to conversion, you need to understand why consumers would click on specific content pieces, which means always understanding their intent.

For example, some consumers may search Google to find a specific business or answer their query. They may then be presented with a relevant advertisement from your business, which they click on, then arrive on an applicable landing page that they interact positively with, and successfully click a call to action. The clicks were here optimized because the advertisement and landing page was relevant.

To understand user intent, you need to actively work to understand the traffic arriving at your specific landing pages and website and use analytics to understand the behavior of search engines users better, and the type of queries they are searching for, with key words and phrases.

Take Away

A click is a conscious decision by the user to interact with your content. This means that you need to create a relationship of trust. Consumers need to know that their click is always worth it, and the more you can prove that the more clicks you can convert. Always provide a positive experience with every click, and make sure that no clicks are wasted.

The optimum number of clicks is dependent on user intent and your goal as a business for specific content. It may only take two clicks to land a sale — such as one click on an advertisement and then another on the contact button — or it may take more as a user enjoys browsing your site and clicking on everything. Clicks to conversions will always be dependent on a positive user experience with relevant landing pages, no matter the number of clicks that a customer goes through.

Please speak to our team at Click Intelligence at any time to optimize your content and encourage clicks to conversions.


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