Website Word Count Tool
Website Word Count Tool

If you’re going to go to the effort of writing something, you want to give it the best possible chance of ranking in the search engines. To do this, you’ve got to take care of search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and produce content that’s worthy of featuring on the first page of results.

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    Publishing content on your website, on a blog, or on social media represents an investment of your time and energy. You want to publish this writing wisely for it to generate as much return on investment (ROI) as possible for your brand.

    Although the content of your posts is important, and the keywords that you use within them have a direct impact on your SEO performance, word count is also key to making your writing count. To understand what kind of word count you should be aiming at for different web content, it’s important that you use a Website Word Count Tool so that you can refine your writing in line with SEO standards.

    Website Word Count Tools

    As you can imagine, there’s a bit of a Goldilocks effect when it comes to word count. If you’re offering tiny pieces of writing, you’re likely to underperform with your post. Meanwhile, long articles and expansive essays on your website will have a similar effect, raising eyebrows when it comes to how Google’s algorithms assess your website. In any case, few consumers have the attention span online to read a 2,000-word piece.

    Instead, you’re aiming for that fertile middle ground: saying enough to be interesting and engaging, while at the same time keeping things concise, and avoiding repetition. All of this is assessed to a large extent by Google’s textual analysis algorithms: they’ll know when you’re loading keywords deliberately and they’ll penalize you for it. Strategize your content wisely using a Website Word Count Tool.

    Giving Your Content Some Weight

    Even if you’re communicating with web users through pictures and videos as well as text, you need to know that Google has little time for shorter articles and web copy. If you’re posting articles under 300 words, you’re likely to get penalized by Google for producing what’s called ‘thin content’. You want your content to sit in the 300 to 600-word range for it to be considered beefy enough by Google’s algorithms.

    Meanwhile, you also want to pack in information that Google will see as relevant to web users and their search queries. This is another incentive against Thin Content: you simply cannot say what you want in 250 words. Give your writer the space to entertain, inform and bring value to your website by expanding their word count a little.

    Keep That Human Touch

    When writing for your website, you can sometimes focus a little too heavily on your progress when it comes to keywords, phrases, headings and titles. All of these coded features are written to appease the might of Google’s algorithms, but your faith in this approach may be a little misplaced.

    Why? Because Google isn’t just interested in the data concerning what your page contains. It’s also looking at how people interact with your post once they’ve clicked on it. This means that those who visit your website and find it unhelpful — leaving quickly, in other words — can affect your ranking in SEO. Google notices these things, like bounce rates and time-on-page, and will punish websites that don’t seem to be answering consumers’ questions.

    As such, you should write with end users in mind, giving them the content they’re looking for, and adding a little flourish of personality and interest in order to leave a good impression both with your website visitor and with Google’s algorithms.

    Getting Word Count Right

    As you’ve learned, word count isn’t about a correct number of words, and nor is it about keeping things completely stripped down and basic. It also isn’t about writing lone missives about your industry and your products. A balance is what you should be looking to strike and you can always A/B test your articles, and their effectiveness for your SEO rating, once they’re published.

    To help you build out a smart content writing strategy, our experts at Click Intelligence are on hand. We’re specialists in the composition of great content and what you can do to tweak your existing content to make it that bit more appealing to consumers and Google’s algorithms. Contact our team today and begin working alongside our strategists to get your content seen and appreciated on the world wide web.

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