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If you stop to consider some of the most engaging content you’ve seen while exploring the internet in recent days, you’re almost certain to come back with a video. The multimedia, exciting format of a video is one of the best ways to draw attention to your brand, by mixing visual elements, moving pictures, music, voice, and subtitles in order to capture the attention of web users with ease.

But all great videos require an introductory section in order to show off your brand and ensure that individuals know what they’re watching; and it’s in this post that you’ll find out how to make and use your YouTube intro online.

Why Video?

The world wide web is changing. Older individuals will still be familiar with the groaning slow speed of their web browsers, which were forced to slowly load images in stripes of pixels. Now, with ultra-fast broadband and 5G in the skies, we’re able to watch videos on the go, from our local subway system to the comfort of our homes. With videos now being ‘auto-played’ on most social media and, indeed, on video channels such as YouTube and streaming services such as Netflix, video is now reaching its zenith online.

This means that video marketing is already moving into a primary position for many brands with something to sell or customers to impress and engage. Not only has video been shown to engage the most web users, it’s also one of the formats in which you’re able to do an awful lot in very little time. You can have a sales representative speaking in a video, at the same time as promotional images, and uplifting music, in order to sell your product in very little time. Video marketing is an essential asset in digital marketing in the 2020s – something you should be investing in online.

Why an Introduction?

The second question you may be asking yourself is: why an introduction? Well, there are plenty of reasons why it’s important to have a standardized, exciting, on-brand introduction for your followers and viewers to encounter with each of your videos. Having an introduction to your YouTube videos is good for the following reasons:

  • It’ll be the first place where viewers will see your brand and understand who is speaking
  • It’ll give credit to your editorial team or those who worked on the video or project
  • It adds an air of professionalism to your video, and means it can be shown at conferences
  • It’s a stamp of approval and a seal of quality from your brand to the public

So, you’ll see that a YouTube Intro is important if you’re to fully realize the benefits of video marketing in today’s multimedia-obsessed age. Video marketing services see it as important that you use an introduction to your videos online. Making one is simple, as you’ll discover below.

Looking for Options

Happily, making a YouTube intro video isn’t so difficult, thanks to some online helping hands. You can read more about this help in detail on video editing blogs, or you can discover some of our favorites listed below. The important thing is that you find the software or online intro solution that suits you – the best intro solution for one company may not be the best for another, so it’s up to your specifications as to which you choose.

There are several options for your introduction maker for YouTube – and the best YouTube intros use one of the following helping hands to make slick and seamless transitions into the main body of your video marketing strategy:

  • Intro Maker – one of the world’s favorite options
  • IntroCave – simple, versatile and easy to use
  • IntroChamp – another simple software that packs a punch
  • Renderforest – an impressive option for those with digital editing skills
  • Panzoid intro maker – highly recommended, with many exciting features
  • Filmora – plenty of handy features to make your intro stand out

The list goes on with an impressive selection of apps, tools, and software suites out there to help you curate your digital marketing video campaign. What’s important is that you know how to make a good YouTube intro when you first embark upon choosing your favorite software. With the knowledge about how you can best create your YouTube sensation, you’ll know which software will suit your needs best.

What YouTube Intros Need

So, you know some of the best programs and best software solutions to help you make a YouTube intro piece. All good YouTube intros combine some key and universal characteristics, and you’ll need to decide which of these you wish to replicate when you start drawing up your own ideas for your video and how you’d like it to be received.

What’s most important is that you get some of the basics right, though, and those might include:

  • Seamless transitions, with no clunky or amateur edits, fades or transitions
  • Excellent sound quality, with sound perfectly aligned with the images playing in-screen
  • Prominent brand logo and other key branding attributes present in the first five seconds
  • Titles that look professional, neat and tidy to encourage web users to continue watching
  • Engaging bells and whistles to make the video look fun, eventful and worth watching

It can be a challenge to produce a video that truly engages the public, but starting out with an elegant and exciting introduction, made professionally through the help of some of the software listed above, is certainly a good initial step for your video marketing campaign.

How to Make Your YouTube Intro

Now that you’ve found the best video intro software to suit your own project and your own digital skills, it’s time to get into the thick of it and begin creating. Use your most talented and creative team members – if you’re producing a corporate video for your company – to help you with some initial ideas. If you’re going solo on your introduction maker for YouTube, then ensure that you’re able to harness the full power of the software that you’ve chosen, in order to really make a knock-out intro that’ll guide viewers to more of your videos over time.

The best software for intro videos comes with a guide to help you find the features you’ll need most. You can also find a litany of online tips and help, including YouTube tutorials, which will teach you about the importance of using the software correctly: it’ll save you time and energy, and help you make the best-possible intro for your firm’s videos.

Finishing Touches

You’ll no doubt spend some time tinkering around with some of the features that you find on the free YouTube intro maker software that you choose to use, but once you feel that your video is essentially complete, you’ll be ready to roll out your intro on all the video marketing materials that you have produced. This introduction, after all, is going to proceed your brand and all of the videos that it publishes – so it ought to be as impressive as you can possibly make it.

Some of the features and finishing touches that you’ll see in others’ videos will be those which you can draw inspiration from. Here are a few examples of what you should keep your eye out for:

  • Little gleans and sparkles from elements of your 2D intro design, which helps draw the eye to your brand or your words
  • Smart formatting, which makes a good use of negative space and other features of the screen when the intro plays
  • Text editing, transition and animation features, to give your text and your words some extra sparkle and excitement
  • Something human, like a face, a voice, or a picture of your team

With the finishing touches added to your intro for all your video marketing material, it’ll be time to get it out there by publishing it onto your company’s or your individual YouTube channel, and show off your hard work to the online world.

Publishing Your Video

You need to stitch your video introduction to your video in order to make them ready to publish. This, you can either do in the software you downloaded in order to make the introduction, or you can simply add the introduction to the video editing program you have used for your video marketing in the past. Once they’re stitched together seamlessly, you’ll be ready to hit the upload button on YouTube.

If you also have social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s time to start cross-sharing your material, sometimes through editing shorter clips of your video marketing piece, with your new introduction attached to the front of each video in order to share your brand. Get the videos published, have it shared amongst your supporters, followers, customers and clients, and build your brand visibility by sharing a new promotional and brand-boosting intro video.

If you’re looking to share video content for marketing purposes, it’s important that you preface your videos with a short, professional and impressive intro – and that’s what you’ll have learned to do above, with the help of one of many useful programs and software solutions.

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