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If you see YouTube as a domain solely for frivolous videos made by amateurs to be shared across social media, you’d be fundamentally wrong. Such videos can actually be your chief marketing asset. In a world in which digital marketing is seen as increasingly important for the promotion of one’s personal brand, or that of a company, video marketing is seen as king. Not only do videos provide some of the most engaging media for all demographics to enjoy online – it’s also regarded as the digital marketing strategy with the best ROI.

Meanwhile, if your videos are properly optimized for SEO, they’ll be found by hundreds and thousands of web users. This guide is about YouTube tools that’ll help you make your videos successful and much-watched, helping your marketing strategy in the process.

The Home of Videos

Most web users watch their video content on YouTube. Even when you see a video hosted on another site, it’s likely to be hosted on YouTube, and placed on the site through a simple plug-in. So, you need to play in the YouTube space in order to succeed with your video marketing. More specifically, you need to be aware of YouTube SEO in order to have your video finish high in those all-important search results.

Learning, therefore, about digital marketing techniques in SEO may be helpful before you embark on your YouTube tools search. We’ll also be able to help you draw up insights and plans to help your digital marketing campaigns make the most of video content hosted on YouTube. Use our video marketing services to help you make an impact with your video content posted online.

The Best Tools

The key to making excellent, SEO-tailored, bespoke and modern videos is to find the best YouTube tools to grow your channel. These tools can range dramatically from those which are purely designed to make your video look good aesthetically, to those which are more clever, and attempt to make your video look good to the algorithms that dictate where your video shows in YouTube’s search results.

The best YouTube tools are sometimes the simplest – and most of them are free to use, or at least free to use their base level of software. What we’re going to be looking at today – seeing as you have plenty of video editing software on your computer that’s independent of YouTube – is the SEO side of things. That is, what are the best tools to enhance your SEO ranking during your video marketing campaigns.

Keyword Researching

One of the main elements of a good SEO strategy is to draw upon the keywords that are most popular on the channel, and the keywords that match most soundly with your own brand and the videos that you create. The video channel tool that helps you to find these keywords, which you then input into your title and other marketing materials, will garner you more views on YouTube.

There’s a very simple way to check this, see what YouTube suggests to you when you type words into its search bar. If you want to get a little more professional and deep-diving, try YTCockpit, which will help you to understand some of the video management and SEO-enhancing techniques you can use to get your video seen by more people. Meanwhile, the likes of Tubular Labs can help you analyze not only your own videos’ effectiveness, but that of other YouTube publishers – like your competitors, or the videos that you feel you should try to emulate on your own channel.

Content Creation

Meanwhile, there’s little point in honing your SEO strategy if you’ve either got no videos made, or you’re going to quickly run out of the kind of videos that’ll keep getting you and your brand views, interest and exposure. You need to have a constant stream of content leaving your YouTube channel in order to really push your digital video marketing strategy to the next level.

Let’s look at some of the options you may have to hand in order to get more videos made, more quickly, over time:

  • Hire professional videographers and other video-makers and editors to help you put together excellent content for your video marketing campaigns
  • Outsource this kind of work to video-making professionals who are able to make use of some of the tools mentioned in this article to boost your performance
  • Do your research across the world of YouTube content in order to draw up your own content strategy that borrows from the successes of others
  • Look to form promotional partnerships with other content creators, and promise to share their content on your channel if they’ll then do the same.

You see, content creation doesn’t just have to be about you slaving away at a desk for all hours ready to meet the next video deadline – it’s also about pooling the talent you need to make content consistently and excellently across time.

Should You Animate or Illustrate?

As well as the human-face, vlog-style video – something that young people still remain engaged in – there’s also the more creative and exciting world of animations and illustrations that you may wish to consider trying out. These videos require different skills, programs, software suites and tools in order to succeed.

One of the most exciting tools in this arena – and one which can mean that someone with little experience of animation can still produce something compelling – is GoAnimate. As you’d expect, this is an animation program, hosted on the cloud, which can help you make some simple marketing animations to add to your videos in order to give them a new element of creativity and excitement. For more complex animations, you’ll need to use the Adobe Suite of software, especially Adobe After-Effects and similar.

Analytics and Optimization

Once you have a YouTube channel with a library of the videos that you’ve already made and published, you’ll be able to then start running analytics in all of your videos, using some of the smartest YouTube management tools to help you to truly understand the reach of your videos, their popularity, and the demographics that are regularly accessing your videos and subscribing to your channels.

When you measure the performance of your videos’ marketing content, you’ll slowly be able to trial-and-error your way to the most optimized content possible for your channel and your website. Take programs such as Vidooly, for instance. Vidooly is one of the best YouTube tools for helping you extract all of the juicy data and insights from a single, omnichannel source. The program allows you to:

  • Identify your best-performing tags and keywords, and tailor content to them
  • Make robust changes to your video names to reflect the data-driven insights you receive
  • Observe the performances of your competitors in the YouTube sphere, learning from them
  • Better understand your audience, to the extent that you know how to please them
  • Management through social media, which gives you extra insights into the individuals who watch and share your videos
  • Make a strategy for your content that reflects and learns from all of the above, recommended by Vidooly

This cohort of tools, of which Vidooly is only one, will help you truly make your video marketing strategy stick. With the help of the best YouTube tools app and video channel tools on the market, it’s simple and easy to produce high-quality videos that give you a high level of in-depth understanding of once they feature in other online worlds. As always, data is power and the data that you pick up through Vidooly or similar will help you to make a successful strategy for the future.

Other Apps and Programs

Now’s the time to take a look across the internet for the other apps and programs you might be able to find that’ll give you a head-start in your ambition.

There are apps and software suites that’ll help you to make a wide range of videos, and aid you in adding hyperlinks and other interactive content that may enable consumers and web users to click through to your website directly from the YouTube video itself. Data analysis and presentation software suites are also common, and will help you select the right marketing strategy to suit your customers in the future.

Aesthetic Value

Finally, you can find plenty of programs that are purely concerned with making you videos look, sound, and seem more attractive – by adding filters, improving sound quality, or adding a few finishing touches and video optimization options to help your output look the part. With so much to explore in the world of YouTube tools and apps, it’s time to get searching in order to find the best tools to help you draw up a sound video marketing strategy.

Whether you’re running a YouTube marketing campaign in order to draw customers to your website, or you’re doing a large promotional push in order to increase your visibility, it’s important that you use the tools at your disposal in order to boost the value of each video you produce – and in order to measure that value over time.

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